Is a Boudoir Session right for me?

Of Course it is!

Top 10 Reasons Women choose to do a Boudoir Shoot

1. Want to look/feel Sexy

2. Empowerment – Confidence builder (for themselves and to inspire others)

3. Self love – Comfortable in your own body

4. Divorce or life change, Recover from bad relationship

5. Feel sexy after baby or special birthday

6. Hitting a goal – rewarding themselves

7. Gift for someone special

8. Because a friend told them about their experience

10. Always wanted to experience a session

11. No reason at all!

Women have intimate portrait sessions for various reasons, and each benefits from those sessions in their own way.  All sessions are designed around making you feel sexy and self-confident.

Besides that, who doesn't like a little pampering? As you come to our studio for your session, our professional hair and makeup artist will get you looking gorgeous for your session. I will bring you into the studio and pose you so you look fantastic. 

Women leave the session all pumped up full of confidence with the way they look and feel. It is amazing the transformations we see with just a little time. The sessions are fun and light and we direct you the entire way. No stress. No worry. Just relax and have fun!

You don’t live in Central Minnesota? No problem!


 I am on the road a lot and take portraits all over North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and occasionally in western Montana. I will have my schedule posted as to where I am working, and if you are close to one of those locations, we can get together for your shoot! If not, give me a call anyways. I can see if I will be anywhere close to your area coming up, or maybe I can just drive there for your session, or you can come see me!  Let’s talk! I would love to work with you. Everyone gets a little something different out of their session, but it as always a very positive, encouraging and inspirational session!



Feb 1 – 9, Tioga, ND


April 3-5, Beulah, ND


May 4-6 , Beulah, ND


May 15 – 20, Spearfish, SD



About Your Photographer

I am excited you are considering us for your boudoir session! We love to be creative with you and bring out your sexy, sensual side! We will direct you in posing so you look natural and beautiful.  We will help you relax so you can have fun and enjoy your session. My favorite part is showing the images after the session and seeing the expression on our client's faces. They are always amazed at how gorgeous they look!


Let us do the same for you!


We will have a great time taking the portraits and be creative together.  Give us a call and we can discuss what you have in mind for your shoot.


I look forward to hearing from you!





What People Say About Us

"I've always thought it would be a super fun surprise to have sexy photos taken and surprise my husband with them as a gift. It was actually on my bucket list. Maybe one day when I hit that goal weight....In December I checked this off the list and I realized three things. 
1)The photographer makes you look amazing just the way you are. I absolutely hate my butt and with their lighting and camera skills they bring out the best in you. Don't wait until 'someday'. 
2) When you do things you didn't think were possible - it builds your confidence. Yes you will look and feel better about yourself knowing you did indeed have a sexy photo shoot...that's badass! 
3) Nothing is as bad as you make it up to be in your mind. 
What I loved about the experience was this shy girl felt comfortable. I had no idea what pose to be in that would look sexy and I didn't have to worry about that. The photographer guided me through the entire session and ensured I was comfortable. Now we have the most amazing quality album that I will have for my entire life. It's my husbands favorite gift! If you are hesitating....I would urge you to order an outfit online and book an appointment. You will NOT regret it!”

Mrs. A

Happy client

“My husband and I are going on our 5 year anniversary and I would love to do something like this for him. I am also battling getting back to my size after having our daughter a few years ago and I think this would be a perfect way to make me feel beautiful again. I havn't really been able to do anything for myself these last few years between having a baby, which I was told I'd never have, to raising my step.daughter and helping her thru inpatient services to deal with her self harm issues, and helping my husband thru the loss of his mother. I've also been thru some rough times lately and this chance to really.find the beauty in myself again. 


Thank you for doing something like this and giving women a chance to feel as beautiful as they look!”



Mrs. C

Happy client

“Wow!! I am blown away by the amazing photos Scott shot for me today!! WOW, WOW, WOW!! I give you a 5 star review. AMAZING WORK!!


It was great :) its different from your normal everyday pictures... I helps bring out the best in yourself :) True beauty!  

Scott is very professional about it all :) Love that he loves what he does!

I loved the creativity of it all :)"

Mrs. K

Happy client